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Post Adoption Services

  • The Post Adoption Services of Catholic Charities are designed to support and strengthen family life. These services can help meet the concerns and interests of adoptive parents, adult adoptees, and birth parents, as well as other extended members of these families. In order for Catholic Charities to provide assistance, the adoption must have taken place through the agency.
  • Post Adoption Services are provided in accordance with applicable laws on confidentiality and privacy.
  • Services include:
    • Individual and Family Counseling by request from anyone involved in an adoption plan made through Catholic Charities at any time.
    • Mutual consent registry
    • Background histories and non-identifying profiles
    • Post Adoption search and intermediary service in the form of indirect and direct contact between interested parties.
  • To request a Non-Certified copy of an original birth certificate, please contact www.idph.state.il.us or you may reach them at 925 E. Ridgely Ave., Springfield, IL 62702, 217-557-5159.
  • If you have been adopted through the foster care system, you may contact the Midwest Adoption Center for assistance at www.macadopt.org or by calling 800-526-9022.
  • Click here to see post adoption information

In Alton, Carlinville, Decatur, Effingham, Granite City, Quincy

Through its Professional Counseling Solutions program, Catholic Charities delivers professional and confidential therapy services to individuals, couples and families regardless of their ability to pay for services. Therapy goals work upon the existing strengths of the clients and focus upon helping clients learn skills necessary to their having successful interactions with the significant persons in their lives.

We focus our therapeutic services through a family system's approach to treatment. That is, many painful symptoms that our clients experience are the result of patterns of interaction among their significant others that are no longer functional and for which they need to seek new solutions. Their self-concepts are low because they do not have the sense that they can be successful in their interactions with others. Unfortunately, their quest for a new solution is frequently frustrated by less than healthy experiences in their families of origin and they find that they have not learned the skills, such as positive communication and conflict resolution skills, that lead to healthier outcomes.

Our ability to continue to reach out to those who ordinarily would not be able to take advantage of therapeutic services in our communities is the hallmark of our services and is clearly what Jesus asks of us. Presently, common avenues of funding counseling services tend to exacerbate the injustice the poor experience and reduce Catholic Charities' ability to serve the poor in our communities.

We hope that you will consider entering into partnership with us so that poverty is not an impediment to our clients receiving the tools to create healthy lifestyles, coupleships and families.

  • Counseling costs the agency $100 per hour to provide.
  • The average private therapist in this area charges $120 per hour.
  • The agency is committed to providing these critical services to those who would not otherwise be able to afford them. We subscribe to a "fee forgiveness" policy, whereby a portion of counseling fees may be waived for clients with limited resources.
  • Donations are always needed for this program.

In Alton, Effingham, Granite City, Springfield

When individuals are in crisis and cannot find their way, we provide basic necessities and help them find the path to self-sufficiency. We work with families to help map out solutions to their problems so that they can regain their dignity. We provide guidance, case management, referral and advocacy. We also may provide food, clothing and household vouchers, rent and utility assistance, or special food baskets and gifts during the holiday seasons. People in crisis need someone who cares and that is why we are here.

  • This program generates no client fees for support, so donations are always needed.
  • In 2013, 29,873 clients were assisted through our Crisis Assistance programs throughout the diocese.

In Decatur

Eldercare Options is a program that assesses, counsels, and determines the need for guardianship for disabled elderly adults who are no longer able to make sound judgments on their own.   When someone can no longer manage his or her personal affairs, finances, or health care, our staff will coordinate with Physicians and Attorneys and then will secure an appropriate decision maker and testify in court as to the need of a guardian.  We also offer alternative services to guardianship, such as Power of Attorneys and referrals to other agencies, and information and education about guardianship to families. 


In Decatur

Elderly Guardianship provides appropriate decision-making and advocacy for elderly adults who lack the ability to make proper judgments concerning their health, well-being and safety after being named through a court order, Guardian of Person.  Staff visits clients regularly and becomes their surrogate decision maker and surrogate family member as family are usually not available or appropriate to serve as guardian. Our caring staff makes decisions along with the client on such issues as housing, medical procedures, medications, and quality of life issues.  Staff is on call 24 hours a day and even makes plans for proper burial.  

fia header
In Decatur

Faith in Action serves frail homebound elderly age 55 and older.  Services are provided at no cost through a network of trained volunteers from area religious congregations, service organizations and the community at-large.  Our goal is to assist individuals and their families to maintain their independence, dignity and quality of life.  Some of the services provided are friendly visiting, transportation and escort, shopping and errand running, minor home and yard maintenance, letter writing and reading, respite and occasional meal preparation. 

In 2012, this program, now expanded to include Tri-Cities Faith in Action in the Granite City area, connected 271 elderly individuals with volunteers who helped them maintain independence in their own homes. The program is always in need of more volunteer help. Five of the volunteers in this program have been recognized in the community for their excellent efforts.


In Alton, Carlinville, Decatur, Effingham, Mattoon, Quincy and Springfield

Hunger hurts. It denies dignity, lessens human energy, erodes community stability, and damages the potential of a person to progress. America, long the land of plenty, now faces a crisis of hunger. An increasing number of people in our community are without food, some for the first time in their lives. For those of all ages who confront hunger, solutions must be found. Our food pantry staff help with immediate problems as well as search for solutions for the future.

Donations of food, time, and money are necessary for this program to carry out the agency's on-going response to hunger. In 2013, our food pantries served 113,445 clients.



In Carlinville, Quincy, Springfield

The families that we help in these programs are in need of additional support to help them face their daily struggles. The goal of the Intact Family Services program is to keep troubled families together by offering them intense case management and education in parenting and linking them with community resources.

In Decatur

Meals on Wheels goal is to nourish and enrich the lives of the homebound and disabled in need by providing nutritious meals that promote independent living.  Meals on Wheels is a community service which provides the delivery of a hot nourishing noon meal to an individual in the comfort and privacy of their own home.  Menus are planned and prepared under the supervision of a registered dietitian.  All meals provide one third of the recommended daily allowance of nutrients.  Regular and special diets, such as cardiac, renal and diabetic are available.  To receive meals you must be 60 years of age and older and homebound. Meals are delivered by volunteers five days a week.

Click here to view a short Meals on Wheels Video

In Alton, Beardstown, Carlinville, Decatur, Effingham, Granite City, Mattoon, Quincy, Springfield, and Marshall.
For information on locations, call the office nearest you.

Some people find that their budgets will not stretch to include both food and prescription medicines. At Catholic Charities, we believe that no one should be without prescribed medications because they cannot afford to pay for them. The staff of the MedAssist program help individuals determine their eligibility and assist their applications for the programs that the pharmaceutical companies have for the poor. Every dollar contributed provides $7 in medication for members of your community -that is a 700% return on your donated dollars.

Quotes from some of the people who participate in the MedAssist Program:

  • "If it wasn't for this program, I don't know what would happen to me. I am very grateful to know when your life depends on med. That there is someone out there to help you. It means so much not to have to worry about bills, your sickness, family." Words of a Morrisonville MedAssist client.
  • "We can't thank you enough for helping us to get on the MedAssist program! With all our medical bills, plus the cost of our medicines, we almost used all our income to pay for pills to stay alive." From a Springfield area person helped by the program.
  • " I am the caretaker of my 83 year old mother who has very limited income and currently takes 2 prescriptions- Celexa and Zystic. I am a single parent of two teenagers and wanted to express my appreciation for the medication program called MedAssist through Catholic Charities."

All Area Offices

Staff in each office are knowledgeable about services provided by other agencies and institutions in each area. They network within their communities to make sure they provide the best solutions for people in need and avoid duplicating services. For example, if a person comes to a Catholic Charities to request a service that is not available in that office, we do more than explain that fact. Our staff will go out of their way to see that persons in need are cared for by finding a way to connect them with the agency or facility that can help with the services that they need. We are proud of the fact that we know the other resources in each community and can make referrals when they are needed rather than duplicate any services.

In Carlinville, Decatur, Effingham and Mattoon

When a helping hand is needed, Catholic Charities provides that hand in many ways. A family may need clothing, a young person may need an outfit for a job interview, a mother may need clothes required for a job, a child may need a coat to keep out the cold. Free help can be arranged when the small fees are not affordable. Donations from the community and volunteer help keep our resale shops open and the stores earn a small income to cover their operating expenses.

In 2013, the resale stores serviced 107,282 individuals who came in seeking gently worn clothes and used items at affordable prices for their families.

In Beardstown

The St. Anne Residence, located at the intersection of Ninth and Clay Streets in Beardstown, features 23 one-bedroom units, which are wheelchair accessible and complete with full kitchens. A community room provides an accessible place for socializing, activities and events. The facility offers elevator access and a central laundry room is available to all residents. An on-site resident caretaker oversees daily operations.

Eligible applicants must be age 62 or older, and at least one spouse must meet the age requirement for couples. Rent is based on income and the monthly rent and electric bill paid by a resident will not exceed 30 percent of household income. Applications are accepted in accordance with fair housing regulations, which prohibit discrimination based on race, color, gender, religion, handicap, familial status or national origin.

The St. Anne Residence is presently conducting applicant interviews for residency. Assistance completing applications is offered by contacting the Beardstown Chamber of Commerce office or Catholic Charities. Applications are available at the St. Anne Residence office, St. Francis Community Clinic, Beardstown Chamber of Commerce Office, or by calling Wendy Wessing in the Catholic Charities Administration Office in Springfield at (800) 745-5194, ext. 327.

In Springfield

St. Clare's Health Clinic in Springfield provides preventative and basic health care for families who could not otherwise afford them. Services include pre-school and school physicals, preventative and restorative dental services, vision exams and eyeglasses, and hearing and vision test screenings. The clinic also serves as a KidCare application agent.

  • Open all year.
  • Services by appointment.
  • Dental services include cleaning, fluoride rinse and dental sealants. Further dental work by appropriate follow-up.
  • Vision clinic provides professional exams and eye glasses.
  • In 2012, 442 adults and 1,864 children were served.
  • Annual value of this service to the community is $500,000.00.
  • Dr. James McDermott provides monthly clinics for basic dental care and repair by referral.
  • Local dentists participate in the program on a rotating basis.
  • Donations are welcomed and always needed.

In Springfield

St. John's Breadline in Springfield serves a hot, nutritious meal in a clean, positive environment. People broken by life's struggles come in each day to fill their hunger of body and soul. Yet, despite their sorrows, they share conversations over a meal in a dining room filled with light, music, and colorful people. Without these accessible meals, our guests would spend too much time seeking food security instead of jobs, education, and the relationships that help weave them into our community.

In 2013, St. John's Breadline served 197,926 meals.

  • Average cost of each meal served is $2.00.
  • Donations of food, time and money support the program.
  • Each donation of $20.00 provides 10 meals to the hungry men, women and children of Springfield.


Strong for Life is an evidenced based strengthening exercise program designed by physical therapists for older adults.  Its focus is to improve strength, balance, and overall health. The program targets specific muscles that are important in every day movements such as getting out of a chair and walking.  Strong for Life utilizes a 35 minute videotape consisting of a warm-up, 11 strengthening exercises using Thera-bands, and a cool down.  Each participant’s goal is to exercise at least 3 times a week at the resistance level specified by a volunteer coaches.  Volunteer coaches are trained in how to administer the program to assure the fidelity to the program.  The age criteria for the program is for those 60 years of age and older.


A Matter of Balance is an evidence based program designed to prevent frequent falls among older adults.  It helps those adults who are concerned about falls, have sustained a fall in the past, restrict activities because of concerns about falling, are interested in improving flexibility, balance and strength, and are age 60 years of age or older, ambulatory and able to problem-solve.  The program focus is to help participants view falls and the fear of falling as controllable, set realistic goals for increasing activity, change the environment to reduce fall risk factors, and to promote exercise to increase strength and balance.  Classes are conducted by trained volunteer coaches.  Classes are held once a week for eight weeks.  Each class is two hours long. During the third class, there is a 30-minute exercise component added. A physical therapist will come to one class to answer questions and discuss safety issues.  Each class will have group discussion, involve problem solving and skill-building, assertiveness training, share solutions exercise training and there will be a pre and post survey.



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