Couples Who Volunteer Together, Stay Together

92-year-old Mary Ellen and 85-year-old John Ungers have been married for 65 years. In such a longstanding relationship, one might find it challenging to think of novel ways to spend time together. Over the past seven years, Mary Ellen and John have kept their bond strong and helped their community with their volunteer efforts. Every Friday, the couple arrives at either the Holy Family Food Pantry or St. John's Breadline, ready to help Catholic Charities serve their community. Volunteer work is not only a wonderful way to help others, but it is proven to have tangible benefits to mental and physical health. By helping to sort and package food donated from local Catholic schools, Mary Ellen and John provide a much-needed service to their community, as well as their bodies and minds. Volunteering helps to strengthen bonds and form ties with your community and those you help. It is thanks to volunteers like the Ungers that we can serve thousands of meals to those in need in our community every year.

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