Annual Report

Dear Friends of Catholic Charities,

In the midst of tragedy, there are often “silver linings” that can be found.

At Catholic Charities, we have worked to navigate through the challenges and tragedies that have impacted our ability to fulfill our mission of service and love – and there have been many.

In 2020, Catholic Charities saw more people who had to seek assistance for the first time in their lives. Whether because of the loss of a job, business, or worst of all, the loss of a loved one, the virus had a significant impact on the devastation all around us.

From our diminished capacity to conduct fundraising events to substantially modifying our programs in order to incorporate health and safety protocols, COVID-19 continues to impact everything we do.

However, the commitment and compassion from the staff, volunteers, and supporters of Catholic Charities coming together to ensure people have the help they need has been an inspiration and a “silver lining” of the past year.

Our staff and volunteers have been true heroes on the frontline throughout it all. They have kept our services intact and dedicated themselves to ensuring Catholic Charities has remained open and available to those who need us.

I have seen firsthand the tremendous generosity and outpouring of kindness from people all across our Springfield Diocese. There have been countless individuals, businesses and organizations who have reached out to us asking how they can help. Many for the very first time.

I cannot adequately express the admiration and gratitude I feel for the staff, volunteers, and supporters of Catholic Charities. Thank you and God bless you! It has been incredible to witness this selfless and genuine concern and it refreshes our passion to overcome any obstacle to service in our path.

Thank you so much to all of you who have looked beyond your own formidable challenges to serve your brothers and sisters in crisis during 2020.

May God grant you and your family health and peace in the New Year.


Steven E. Roach, M.S.
Executive Director
Catholic Charities
Diocese of Springfield in Illinois